You’re doing WHAT?

My secret is out.  I am (*gasp*) homeschooling next year.

OK, so this ^ is definitely not my mom.  It might be, in 20 or 30 more years 🙂  My mom is a beautiful, caring woman who is a generally excellent advisor in all things kid-raising.  (I mean, she raised me, right?)  But, we are different people, and sometimes we disagree.

Our decision doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone in my general circle.  We’re a military community… lots of homeschoolers, lots of variety and different types of people floating around.  However, this is not the lifestyle I was raised in.  My hometown is a small one, tucked away in a little corner in the midwest.  There weren’t (still aren’t) many homeschoolers in our area, and those who did seemed to stay off the radar.  I’m not saying anything negative about them- just that people didn’t really KNOW anything about them.

So, my mom is pretty much in the dark about what homeschooling today, in our lifestyle, looks like.  We discussed it last year, before we made our decision to send Chicka Roo to kindergarten, and it did NOT go well.  My mom is usually pretty good about not judging our decisions, but in this case, she didn’t hide how she felt.  LOTS of reasons, most of them based on false assumptions, to not homeschool.  And, as is usually the case with intimidating mom conversations for me, I completely lost my bearing and forgot to tell her all of my great reasons for deciding to homeschool.  She was really surprised that we were even considering it.

So, I knew I had to bring it up and tell her about our decision to go for it, but I hadn’t found the right time yet.  I forgot about a major variable… chatterbox 5 year old girls!  Chicka Roo outed us yesterday by excitedly telling her grandparents via skype how much fun we’re going to have in homeschooling.

So, that’s off my chest.  I still didn’t get all of my good reasons out, at least certainly not as eloquently as I’d rehearsed! 🙂   Maybe, someday soon, I’ll write a post with our main reasons, and I’ll refer her to the blog.

Guess that means she might read this… um, hi Mom 🙂  I hope you enjoy seeing what we’re doing in our homeschool adventuring!

(my actual mom ^, and dad, with the kids last year)

Anyone else dealing, or have dealt, with judgement about homeschooling?

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One Response to You’re doing WHAT?

  1. Paula says:

    I am in a similiar boat as you. We preschool-homeschooled our son (and had so much fun!), but we reluctantly sent him to public school kindergarten this last year. We decided to go with our gut and return to homeschooling, despite the negative judgements. Those comments can be hurtful, but what helps me is considering the source. If it comes from my mother, I know she is saying things out of fear for the people she loves. When it comes from random people who aren’t involved in my son’s life, I chalk it up to ignorance on the subject of homeschooling. It gets a bad rap. I encourage you to live your philosophies and people will come around once they see your children’s happiness.

    All the best!

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