The end and the beginning.

This has been a momentous week for us.  This week marked the end of all of our school-year activities (yay!).  It also marked the end of kindergarten.  My baby finished her kindergarten year.  The school had a graduation, of course.  I have to say, I think that tradition is kind of silly… but anyway, she had fun, and we are of course very proud of her for having a great year and growing so much.

Here’s my sweet chicka roo before her last day of school, and with her teacher:

We really love Mrs. S and we appreciate her guidance this year as Chicka Roo’s teacher.  Kindergarten was a great experience for her and it’s largely thanks to her great teacher!  However, we’re all excited for me and Papa Roo to be taking over the teaching from now on.

So, school’s out, and summer begins.  As I mentioned last time, we might do some light homeschool during the summer.  But for now, the roos are enjoying playtime!  They played with… well, everything, today.  They topped the day off with some evening chalk painting on the patio.  If you haven’t tried this with your kiddos, you definitely should!  They create a puddle on the concrete, then grind up some sidewalk chalk (it dissolves pretty easily in the water).  And, voila, it’s paint!  The best part is, it’s all very easily washable.  I let my roos paint on whatever they want- the house, themselves, their toys, anything.  A quick spray with the hose takes care of all of it when they’re done!

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