Our kids have never had “chores.”  They do help around the house (as much as little ones can, anyway!) and take care of their own things… sometimes… But with summer starting and the knowledge that there will be no “back to school” downtime for me this coming year, we thought it was time to make an official responsibility chart for the kiddos.  I had a lot of fun designing this and even more fun making it.  Unfortunately, it took me a little longer than I’d anticipated.  I knew I’d stayed up too late when I had to turn off the tv when I got into bed and noticed that the “Today” show had just started, live from the east coast.  Ooops!

Anyway, here’s the finished product:

The base is just an old picture frame I got at Goodwill, with some knobs installed.  I used painted poker chips with magnets glued on for the chores, and of course my cricut with vinyl for the lettering.  I chose a setup like this because it allows us to customize their responsibilities for each day.  For example, yard toys pickup is something that only needs to be done sporadically, so we can stick it on Chicka Roo’s list whenever it’s needed.

The kids were excited to see it.  I wonder how long it’ll take before they hate this thing?

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