… and we’re off!

We “officially” started homeschooling yesterday.  Chicka Roo has asked for us to do school every single day since kindergarten graduation.  So I finally gave in and we started in on our summer curriculum.

She loves science, so we’re going to be learning about biomes this summer.  Nice and fun.  We started this week with the rainforest.  We read about it, watched some videos….

(anyone remember this one?  The roos LOVED it!  yay, netflix!)

did some “rainforest math,” found here http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/rainforests/classroom/mathcode/game1.shtml

and learned about the 4 layers of the rainforest.  Then, my silly Chicka Roo decided that we needed to make a jungle lunch.  I was starting to tell her no, but she was getting all excited about peanut butter/cookie forest floors, celery trees, etc, and I just had to give in.  It might not have looked amazing, but at least we all ate a very healthy lunch!  Mmmmm…. delicious rainforest….

The emergent (top layer) is lettuce, the canopy is broccoli, the understory is celery, with string cheese vines/branches and twizzler snakes, and the forest floor is chocolate peanut butter toast with mushed oreo dirt, then nuts and berries and sesame sticks for all the bugs, and fruit/berries above them for flowers.

All in all, we had fun, and she really did learn from it.  Later on, when I was quizzing her about what can be found on the forest floor, she said “Raisins! wait, I mean bugs,” among other things.  I can’t wait to see what other creative ideas she comes up with as we continue our journey!

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