Embracing the Place

“Embrace the place” is my general motto for all of our moving around with the Army.  I believe that every region has its gems- great places to explore, a new side of mother nature, tourist attractions we might otherwise never get to…

However, my husband doesn’t always share the same excitement over all of my excursion plans.  He’s not a party pooper- he does come along and have fun with us from time to time.  But I definitely hold the majority of the enthusiasm.  Much of the time, he’d rather just hang out.

So, when I found out that he was going to be gone last weekend, and paired that with the news I’d heard that there were free entrances to museums in Phoenix, we decided to take off and make a weekend out of it.

We settled in at our hotel (a great one, by the way… good price, Howard Johnson in Scottsdale, very clean and nice pool) and I decided that we’d play the weekend by ear.

That night, we created a new game: musical beds.  We started out with the kids in one bed, me in the other.  It wasn’t long before they’d both joined me in mine.  Now, this is not an anti-cosleeping post.  Our kids often crawl in bed with us during the night, and it doesn’t bother me.  But this was a full sized bed, and my kids are sprawlers, kickers, and smushers in their sleep.  So I peeled Chicka Roo off of me and went to the other bed.  An hour later, I awoke to a foot in my eye, and realized that they’d followed me.  Again, I moved.  A couple of hours later, yep, you guessed it, they were once again in bed with me.  Persistent little buggers, no?

So glad to be home in my giant king sized bed, children welcomed.  On my next post, I’ll talk a little about the places we visited and related adventures.

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