We’re in the desert.

Literally, yes, southern Arizona.  But also, we’re in the desert unit.  Chicka was pretty excited to be starting a new unit.

Then, she asked the same question she did on day one of the rainforest unit.  “Can we make one for lunch?”  Again, my initial reaction was, hmmm, why?  But she had all these ideas… so off we went.

(I apologize for the bad pictures- my camera isn’t working, so I took them with my phone)

Step 1: make a rugged terrain, with crunchy peanut butter.

The next step was to make sand, using the friction method of creating sediment that we learned at the science museum.  Or, possibly, it was the pound cereal with energetic 5 year old fists method.

After adding the “sand,” we made some cacti with celery, and they added some chocolate and butterscotch chip bugs.  We used dry spaghetti to make dry grass and brush, and we talked about why certain plants can live in the desert and others can’t.  Next came walnut rocks.  And finally, we made a plateaued hill out of graham crackers.  Once again, not a perfect representation, but it still made for a relatively healthy lunch!

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2 Responses to We’re in the desert.

  1. simek85 says:

    I can’t believe how big they’re getting – you guys made some gorgeous babies!

  2. Paula says:

    How fun that looks! I love the idea of creating an environment with food.

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