More desert unit activities

Hello again!  We are still dragging our feet through the desert (unit, that is).  This week was more laid back, as we spent a lot of time with friends and playing outside etc.  We did do some school time, though, at Chicka Roo’s request.

One of the things we did was a desert sunset art project.  This one was pretty near and dear to our hearts, because we do love our sunsets here in Arizona.   It’s one of the few things that I know I will miss about this place.  The kids had a good time picking the tissue paper colors for our sky.  

and getting sticky with mod podge

We used texture spray paint for the sand pieces (well, this was a mama roo job)…

and here’s the finished products.

We also did sand art bottles.  I love dollar tree- I always find cute little stuff there to supplement what we’re learning.

We also learned about Moses and the Israelites wandering in the desert.  We talked about how that must have been.  It’s so hot here in southern Arizona that we can’t stay outside for more than 20 minutes during the daytime.  Imagine wandering in this (or worse) for 40 YEARS!  Talk about a test of faith!  We learned about how they followed the cloud and fire, not knowing where they would be going, and probably wondering if this path was ever going to lead them to the promised land.   We did a little activity where we packed a box of “treasures” (again, dollar tree…), but then instead of giving it to them, I hid it while they weren’t looking.  Then, I led them around the house in an epic round of follow-the-leader.  We weaved in and out of the same rooms, over and over, for a good 10 minutes or so.  That might not sound like very long, but in a small house, with small kids, it got the point across. Even 2 year old Buddy Roo was like “mom, we’ve already been in here.”  But they trusted me, and eventually I led them to the treasure.  Hopefully, it helped them to grasp a little bit of what the Israelites’ frustration must have felt like, and what kind of faith they would have had to have on their journey.

After that, we picked out some stones, and the kids made a little memorial.  We talked about how the 12 tribes built a memorial after they crossed the Jordan, to help them remember how God led them through.  So we wrote out some of our blessings to help us remember as well.  Please excuse the bad pictures again- I am REALLY ready to get my camera back.

That’s it for the interesting things this week.  For what it’s worth, we also do boring worksheets,  we sit and read together, and have done some fun printables from other wonderful blogs and sharing sites.  They’re not exactly interesting though, so I’m not planning on blogging about them 🙂  I have, however, been taking pictures of all of them, to keep as a record.  Arizona has very lax regulations (read: none) regarding homeschooling, but since we’ll be moving a lot, I want to make sure I still keep good records, just in case.  My original plan was to scan her work, but taking pictures is so much faster!

For you experienced homeschoolers out there- how do you keep records?  Do you keep a lot of the actual work, or store it digitally, or just mostly toss it out and cross your fingers?

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