We made it back, everyone intact….

Title says it all.  The children did NOT stage a coup and leave us stranded on the highway.  There were, however, moments in which I would have preferred that to being in the car with the 3 of them.  This is how we traveled the 2nd and 3rd legs of our journey (3000+ miles)


The middle kiddo is my nephew, who for the purposes of this blog I’ll call Scoocha Roo, since his nickname as a baby was Scooch and I STILL want to call him that at least a few times a day.  Hey, everyone here has to be a roo, right?

Anyway, the trip from Houston to California was very long, but we made it.  We had a great week at my mother in law’s house.  I think I’m the only one of my friends who actually really likes their mother in law.  She is really cool, and an inspiration for a lot of fun activities that I’ll be incorporating into school this year.  That’s not to say that there’s not a few, er, fun personalities, in both of our families, of course. 🙂

A few pictures from our Texas and California visits….

Then, when we got back, my plan was to start homeschooling officially, since the public schools here have started.  Scoocha Roo was game for participating with us until it is time for him to go home.  That turned out to be a lot harder than we thought it would.  He was not real excited about most of the things I’d set up (even the fun stuff!  Come on, base 10 rods are just like blocks… right?  LOL).  And then Chicka Roo started to take on a little bit of his “this is soooo lame” attitude.  That was a problem, for sure, because one of my favorite things about her is that she has not yet learned that school is (supposedly) lame.  Hopefully homeschooling will keep that attitude away for a few more years at least.  Anywho, I decided that it wasn’t worth risking ruining her attitude, or frankly dealing with his, so we’re going to have our official “first day of school” next Monday, August 13.  Stay tuned for my inevitably terrified and stressed out post after that!

We did go ahead with a few of the left-over fun activities from our ocean unit.  We are going to be learning base 10 and place value concepts in math, so we did a Base 10 Beach game (found on teacherspayteachers.com- if you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should!).  Then we did base 10 fishing.  We put number magnets, along with seashells and glitter fish art projects (at Buddy Roo’s insistence) in the “ocean” (blue rug) and the kids fished for 2- and 3-digit numbers.  They then had to represent the number they’d caught with the base 10 cubes.  It was a great way to introduce the topic, and they both had fun, even Scooch.


and we had a few ocean themed snacks and meals…. (are you noticing a theme here?  Only a month in to the homeschool experience, and already it is obvious that food projects are our favorite… hehe)

deep sea marshmallows


“fish sandwiches”

And ocean pudding (vanilla pudding with blue food coloring, and then crushed oreo/nilla mixture for the “beach”)

Other than those activities, though, it’s been mostly fun and games here.  Scooch was really excited to see that we lived in the mountains, and immediately asked if we could go mountain climbing.  We took the kids to one of our favorite places, Council Rock in the Dragoon mountains, just a few miles away.  (http://www.gvrhc.org/Library/CochiseStronghold.html)

my little courageous explorer… aka, the reason I almost had a heart attack… 

and a cool shot of the monsoon storms from the stronghold

It’s been weird, adjusting to having a 3rd child around.  I don’t know how you mamas of many do it.  With the 3 of them, it seems like someone is literally ALWAYS throwing a fit, yelling, tattling, sneaking something they’re not supposed to, etc.  I know it’s probably mostly because we’ve thrown an older kid into the mix, since my kids normally don’t act like this, but man, I am exhausted.  We will miss Scooch a lot (he goes home tomorrow, riding with me back to Texas when I go to MOPS convention), but it’ll also be good to get into our regular, more structured, routine.  That is, once I figure out what it’ll be.  Wish me luck!





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