It begins.

Well, today was day 2 of “official” homeschooling.  We have had a good couple of days.  We are definitely still working out the kinks of the schedule, but otherwise it’s been pretty good.

Here’s my beautiful babies on their first day.  Buddy Roo insists on doing “homework” with us every time we sit down, so we are calling this year preschool for him.  I’m actually hoping to get him into a preschool class locally, because he could really use the time away to get comfortable away from me, but we’ll have to see how that goes.

Chicka Roo has been a little bit sad about not starting school with her friends, but she also was excited to see that school only takes a few hours now.  Actually, it’s been taking all day, but we’ve been putting in some major breaks, and it’s really only about 2-3 hours total of school time.  And even that has been pretty fun, in her opinion.  This afternoon, she even started orchestra, in a local early beginners class.  Definitely something we wouldn’t have been able to fit into our schedule if she was at school all day.

The only thing that irritated her was learning alphabetical order- that was, until we started alphabetizing her princesses.  Then she was good.

She also particularly enjoyed using marshmallows and cheerios for practicing place value in math.  Buddy Roo’s task was just to count out the correct number and put them on the toothpick.

And finally, their favorite break time activity: putting on a princess ballet show.  As per the usual, Buddy Roo insisted on doing exactly what his big sister was doing.  Don’t judge 🙂

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One Response to It begins.

  1. Janet says:

    I just came across your blog through a blog carnival. I just thought I’d leave a short comment sharing a fun site with you for practicing alphabetizing words. My daughter loves this website.

    It looks like your kids are having fun with creative learning. Keep up the good work!!! 🙂

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